Upstream View Through Hunting Decals

Posted by Mike Houmand on 10/19/2011
Upstream View Through Decals
Upstream Images releases their latest and greatest "see through" big game decals.  Full color images (courtesy of Robert King) and with a touch of design to the decals you'll be sure to love a decal on your hunting rig! This newest series titled "Head Hunter" has all of the biggest antlers know to man. 



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Date: 2/12/2018
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alex garreton
Date: 4/9/2018
looking at site only had few rocker wraps to choose from, I order the 4 elk on a mountain side. I received product 2 weeks later.. watched the video for install again and again and again. got everything ready clean, marked, was hard to decide which way want the elk to face. husband set me straight though!! I got tape ready cut pieces, and watch the video again. I pealed the front door backing and taped like you showed, cut off extra back. well all was well but once you put the film on the truck there's N O T much wiggle room for E R R O R. cant really peal off and reapply, its stretches , can cause wrinkles, cant get out. then cut at the doors, not leave much room to wrap around the door. after that ordeal, tried the other side differently, I cut each door panel separately, knowing N O W cant remove and relay was more easy going with it., AND DO NOT let the bottom of the tape touch the door area, do top 1/2, and then smooth downward motion, measure 2-3xs cut once. rather have little more around the door edge on ware of pants, hands rubbing on edge. not sure id put on again, have a pro do it, pay just little more, you already spent 150.00 on wrap, what's a little more, and get a pro job. its looks great from afar, up close can see the flaws. I personally would have liked to see more that 4 elk, I put the 4 elk on front door, an pieced the cloud /mountains on back door. had to do over again id would have try to order 3 more elk repeat on same strip of film to give it a better effect, not sure this can be done, I did not ask. need a please to show case outcome of decals on different vehicle. Im pleased with the style can add a different look on you truck. 15 years have not seen this print anywhere in the AZ area, and I drive for a living, and never seen before.
Date: 6/13/2018
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Date: 8/6/2018
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